As I mentioned in my first post and on my about page I started this blog to share what life is like with my child who has autism. It’s not easy but we make the best of it. Tonight he participated in a Town Wide Musical. I never thought I would see this day once I was given his diagnoses. I must say I am simply amazed in the things he continuously conquers daily. Years ago, the idea of him singing in a choir with four hundred students and an audience with over a thousand people would not have crossed my mind. I would never forget that day he brought the paper home. He excitingly asked me if he can participate in the town wide musical. I told him he could but was a little nervous as always especially when it comes to him trying new things. Each day I see him growing and becoming himself more and more. I am so glad that I get to be his mom and watch him develop into himself.


Simply Amazed!


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