You Are My Sunshine

As I think back to when Justin was a little baby, those times were always a good memory in my thoughts. When he was born, I was a single mom. I enjoyed the experience of motherhood while being nervous at the same time. I’ll admit I did have a little post-partum depression because he resembled his father so much when he was born. It took months for my features to appear in him. I’m glad to say the post-partum depression did not last long. I miss the earlier years of his life. However, I’ve enjoyed watching him grow and change developmentally in numerous ways. He will always be my sunshine even on the darkest of cloudy days. I remember always singing that song to him while putting him to sleep. 🙂 It took him a while to go to sleep, but when he did I would always stare at him as he smiled in his dreams. I really miss those days. If only I can go back…


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