Before Justin actually began talking, he repeated things. Echolalia is what it is called. He would repeat his name over and over again. He even repeated phrases. So now that’s he’s older the echolalia is no longer present. However he still repeats things in a new way. For instance, when you discuss something new with Justin, he will talk about it for days. He will keep repeating the questions and then will repeat thoughts. I find it amazing and amusing. I get so tickled to listen and see how he processes things. He even smiles when he’s figured things out.

A few weeks ago a good friend of ours gave him a simple little iPod speaker. Justin was so happy to have the speaker. He talked about the pro’s and con’s of the speaker daily. He even talked about how he wouldn’t have even received the speaker if I hadn’t gone out to a Mind Body Spirit Expo with her and a few friends and family members. I smiled and realized that he connects everything. Things it took me time to notice and become aware of he’s already aware of. Each day with him makes me grateful to have him.


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