“What’s an I.E.P.?” This was one of today’s many questions by my kid. I swear when he poses various questions, he always poses them when I’m either driving, cooking, eating, or watching t.v. This time, he caught me while driving. The question came about when Justin and I had a brief discussion about high school. He wanted to know if high school was harder than middle school. I explained to him that as he goes through the ladder of life, things will become progressively challenging. Today, I think Justin gained a better understanding of his I.E.P. Sometimes I forget how our conversations begin but when they happen, boy are they deep! He was smiling and appeared happy to know that his I.E.P. is meant to help him in the areas in which he needs more support. I also made him aware that his teachers must also provide him with that same support, especially because it’s written in his I.E.P.. He really smiled then. He had a kool-aid smile on his face. Justin asked, “So do all my teachers have my I.E.P.?” I replied, “They should and they should follow it.” He said, “Well maybe some of them don’t have it because some things I don’t understand and they seem to be upset with me when I don’t get it.” I said, “Well, if the teachers are giving you a hard time, please let me know.” He then asked, “Are you gonna yell at them.?” I laughed and told him, “No. However, I will if I have to.” 


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