His Bad Days!!

What Did He Say?? 

“Take a deep breath! Sigh. Now take another deep breath.” That’s what I had to tell myself after Justin told me what a friend of his said to him. His friend told him, “Your autism is the reason why you’re stupid!” I took several deep breaths. I was pissed and angry. Justin was really hurt after hearing this. He didn’t want to play with anyone after hearing what his friend said to him. I was so upset that I spoke to his friend’s mother. She was very apologetic but it seemed like her child could have cared less about what he said and how he made Justin feel. It took Justin a few days to get over what was said to him. He asked me, “Why can’t people accept that everyone is different and not the same?” He also asked me, “How do I get them to accept me the way I accept me?” I took a deep breath again and reminded him that just like how everyone is different, everyone doesn’t think the same and isn’t brought up with the same morals, manners, and respect. I also told him that as long as he accepts who he is then that’s all that really matters. However, he is an adolescent and wants to be accepted by his peers, and I know this will remain a challenge for us. 


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