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Happy Birthday Mom 

So today is my birthday. All I want to do is relax on my favorite spot of the couch. I told Justin and my boyfriend I don’t want anything big or to do anything big. However, I was informed this morning that because I ruined their birthday plans for me I have no choice but to let them complete what they have planned for me next week. I feel bad now. But I’m still going to relax. 
Justin sent me this beautiful text message.  

 Swag is a literacy program at Justins school  

This kid is so thoughtful. He also gave me a $1 he found on the street. Of course I couldn’t accept it. I told him to save it to buy himself something he wants. He said ” I wish I had a job so that I can buy you something bigger or you like” 😍. I’m so blessed to have him in my world.

My comfy spot has been taken. As soon as I get up this kid takes my comfy spot. I said Hey! That’s my spot for the day. He laughs and ask for some covers. Smh. Lucky got comfy with him.. I love my life and family. I grateful to see another year and be who I am. 

   Was this your spot ? 

Happy Birthday to Me and my twin brother!!!

 Keena and Keith


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