Justin's Jokes

Vacuum Joke

So I was in the kitchen cooking dinner last Friday. Justin was walks in and ask if we bought some more apple cider. I informed him we did. So he smiles this big smile as if he got a birthday gift. All I could do is laugh at him. I finally finished dinner and he walks in and immediately grabs a large glass. I say ” Justin you are not going to drink half the bottle of cider are you?”. He laughs this big laughs and says ” You know mom I’m like a vacuum I suck everything up”. Once again all I could do is laugh at him. This good is his own comedian. So, I asked him “where did you here that joke from?” He said “oh I made it up”. I then say to him “did you really?” He said ” “yea, one day in school. We had a pizza party and two of the boys left the classroom. So I told my friends who were still at the table with me they better hurry up and get their pieces because I’m like a vacuum I’m gonna suck things up”. I laughed a big laugh and shook my head. 


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