His Thoughts!

More Freedom Please

As he gets older I’m  realizing that I’m becoming increasingly over protective. He wants to be able to do things on his own and I immediately say “No!” I’m lucky he’s not a rebellious kid because boy ol’ boy I would have trouble. He knows and understand when I say No it’s because I just want him to be safe. He’s getting older and he wants to be home alone, cook certain foods, and the continues to grow. He’s starting to feel like I don’t trust him. I keep telling him that I trust him I just dont trust the surrounding. Justin looks at me and says ” well you know we live in a good area now, I understand you had to worry about me before because we lived in an area with a lot of shooting but now we don’t” 🙄😳 The come backs with this kid is stumping me more and more. He’s right I did move us so that he can get the education he deserves so that I don’t have to fight the school district to give him what he’s entitled to. I do feel safe where we live. I just would like to protect him as much as I can and as long as I can. He has  freedom it’s just with me right by his side or not to far away.

Some days I wish cruelty didn’t exist. This way differences can be free to just be. 



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