Autism, psychology, spirituality

Hi Everyone! It certainly has been a while. We have new stories to share and new plans in the works. I have not been blogging as much but have been working  and posting on my social media pages.

Currently, Justin is in the 8th grade and he is loving it. I’m still teaching and doing mental health therapy at night. I love what I do. It keeps me busy and it allows me to help those who are going through what I went through when Justin was first diagnosed.

It’s not easy. It never is.

The relationship I have formed with my clients is priceless. I’ve learned from my encounters with them. They teach me while I teach them. Learning for me occurs daily. Its rewarding knowing that what I do for them helps them find peace with self. Some days are rough but we get through it. They look forward to seeing me as I look forward to seeing them.

I love what I do.

So, you will be hearing from us more often because as I said earlier I cant wait to share with you guys whats been up with us.

We’re back for good.

Keena & Justin


Good Morning!


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