Today was a good day despite receiving some not so good news. I truly made the best of it. Justin stayed home because he was not feeling well. The rhinovirus (common cold)  is apparently going around in his school and everyone is spreading their germs. I’m praying I don’t get sick  again. I just got over a cold a few weeks ago.  Justin wants to cuddle because he doesn’t feel well and I keep smiling at him wanting to be affectionate with him but I don’t want to get his germs. I love my kid but not his illness. I did let him lay on me the first day he came home sick. He’s my big baby.

No matter what I am going through I make the best of it. I learn from everything. Every interaction  and moment is important because I find hidden messages in what people share with me. In every encounter I see the message in it.

Although, today did not turn out as thought of. It turned out as it should have.

I may have been hurt by my news well more so disappointed. I still made the best of this evening. I get to reflect and think about that person and what they are going through. Yes, I can place myself first and think of all the times I’ve been there for them but sometimes people are suffering more than we may know. I just wish I can take their pain away and make them feel better. If only there  was something I could do. I did let them know that I am here for them and they will always be in my heart. Me saying that made them smile and feel at peace. 🙂 I know now that I must give this person time and space but be present when they need me.

Sometimes distance is the best gift you can give someone.

Think about it.

Until Next Time 🙂

Make the Best o it! No matter what.



psychology, spirituality

Best of It!


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