Autism, Moments

Monday I decided to give my male cat to my brother. He wanted another cat and I am tired of Lucky so I was happy to let him go. Here’s the thing my brother is currently staying with me so he can save up enough money to move down south. So, he agreed to take Lucky with him being that Lucky gets along with his cat Cleo… Yes I have 3 cats in my house and I’m not happy about it 🙄. One is enough.  I only got Lucky because Justin guilt tripped me into getting him.

I had to either produce a sibling or a playmate for our female cat Isis (We named her way before we knew about the terriost group).  I’m not ready to produce another child just yet so I went with the cat. He reminds me every so often that I’m the reason why he’s lonely. 😒😂

Justin is too cute when he’s reasoning.

The following morning I decided to tell Justin that I’m giving Lucky to his uncle… He bursts out into tears. I knew I messed up when he started crying. So he decided not to talk to me and went straight to his room. I was going to go talk to him but I knew when he’s ready he’ll come and talk to me. 

I have to go now.. I’ll finish the story in a few.


The Saga of Lucky 


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