Throughout the day Justin says HEY MOM! A LOT…  I’ll admit it drives me crazy at times but I’m learning to appreciate it. I don’t think he realizes what he’s doing. It’s not until I remind him that he’s already said it and then he gives me his sorry look. I then assure him that I am not upset and that all is well. 

I did however ask him why he says it so often. His response” I don’t know. I just like to let you know that I see you and is thinking of you” 

That makes a lot of sense. Because every time I walk pass his room or come in and out of a place he says hey to me. He also says Hey with a smile. 

It’s moments like these that makes me grateful for life and what we’ve been through. What I find annoying at times is his way of acknowledging me and letting me know I’m on his mind. 


I’m happy to be his mom. 


Hey Mom! 


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