Today in a conversation with a friend about life and accomplishing my goals. He told me to just be me and I replied to him by saying that I will. I know that I will be me and I will do my best at being myself. However, some days I sit back and wonder why can’t others well my friends see my goals the way I see their goals. I get mocked and ridiculed for being busy or not having time for others and it bothers me. How can I make them understand that I’m not ignoring them it’s just I want to accomplish a few things now so that I can enjoy life to the fullest later. Before you you say that I maybe working too much and not enjoying life I would like to let you know that I take vacations and I make it issue and point to hang out with friends and family. I guess it’s just that my schedule doesn’t fit well with some as it does others. We can only do the best we can as people. 


Being Me. 


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