Dear James,

Thank you for the past 13 years that I will never forget. I will never forget how you spotted me when I was walking with a friend down the street. I was surprised that you knew it was me. I was your baby girl whom you barely had time to see.  I know life was hard for you being the oldest of ten which is probably how you and my mom connected with her also being the oldest of ten.  You had to take care of your siblings as if they were your kids. I wonder if that’s why it was hard for you to be around for your own children. I can’t say that you weren’t there for us all because you were. You were there for my oldest and youngest brother. I use to wonder why couldn’t you be there for us the way you were there for them. You fathered all four of my mother’s children, myself and two sisters and my twin brother. Back to the day that I saw you. I was walking to the store to get something to eat. You spotted me, greeted me and asked if I need anything. All in a few minutes I gave you a summary of my life letting you know that everyone and everything is going well.  You payed for my meal then gave me a ride back home and then we exchanged numbers.  I didn’t know what to think or feel. I was going through mixed emotions at that time and couldn’t wait to get back so that I could tell my mom what just happened.  The day started our father daughter relationship.  This day would start my journey to learning how to forgive.  It would be you that I first forgave in order to forgive others and myself.
Letter to Continue.  




A Letter to James L. Montgomery Part 1


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