For the entire month of April I will be supporting a fellow Autism mom on spreading Autism Awareness targeting the Black Community. It’s unfortunate that African American children are diagnosed with Autism much later due to denial and lack of knowledge. 
I remember when I was going through the beginning stages of getting Justin diagnosed. I had many people tell me to not let a “white man” diagnose my baby. Well a “white man” didn’t diagnose him. She was actually Indian. I’m glad I followed my instincts and got him help. Had it not been for my determination to defy the odds that was given to us. He would not be a high honors student who loves playing his trumpet and listening to classical music. He still have his socially awkward moments but it’s what makes him, him… 
Many things was said to me while he was little and some now. Many told me to ignore his diagnosis because ” He don’t look Autistic” I was so depressed at that moment I didn’t acknowledge or voice my opinion of their ignorance.  
I’ve learned to ignore many people’s opinions throughout our path. I distanced myself from everyone because there wasn’t many who understood my struggle as a first time single mom with a child with a disability. I wasn’t ready for the journey but I became prepared for it and endured it. #autisminblacks 
Justin was diagnosed with Autism 3/24/16 at 2.7 years olds. 


Autism in Black. 


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