So, I was perplexed with a situation yesterday. I knew how to handle it but I always like other peoples opinions just so I can rule out if my actions are SELFISH or not.  This is not the case for every situation I’m in but it is for some. I decided to ask Justin his thoughts. He was very detailed in what he thought I should do when it concerns Keeping A Secret from a friend. It’s not a huge secret. I just want to make sure I don’t miss out on an opportunity by helping others before I help my self.  

I’m always a wealth of knowledge for others but somehow don’t get that in return. I guess it’s the way of the universe. 

So here’s Justin response 

“I think you should keep things to yourself until after you achieve what you wanted. Maybe you shouldn’t have said anything in the first place, this way you wouldn’t feel bad right now (I felt like he was scolding me in that moment 😔). Wait until things get going the way you want them to then tell your friend, what you know so they can also benefit.

All I could do was smile 😊.  The situation will work itself out Im sure. 

Have a good day Everyone. 




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