I would like to wish my followers and viewers those who are moms a Happy Mothers Day. I hope you made the best of your day doing what you love. 

I lounged  around after a nice little get away out of town. Which I’m now regretting due to being behind in paperwork. A Mothers job is never done neither is an aunties. My getaway wasnt just for me. I had to pick up my Neice from College. I got to see part of Massachusetts while spending time with her and clearing my head. 

The drive wasn’t that bad but when you’re driving in rain boy can it make the drive even longer. It didn’t help that I got a late start to my travels due to seeing a few clients before I left. I know I could have canceled but it’s hard not being their for my clients especially when they’re making progress. 

We didn’t get home until the early morning from Massachusetts. So I’m exhausted. Which is why I relaxed. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be yelling at myself but hey it’s life. There’s always tomorrow.

               Happy Mothers Day Ladies!!!!



Happy Mothers Day! 


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