This is the Fathers Day Text Message I sent to Justin’s Dad…

Happy Fathers Day, I just wanted to say Thank you and that I appreciate all that you do for Justin and Myself. I know it’s not easy with him being in a different state but we make the best of it. He truly looks forward to the time with you… He wanted to get you this disgusting card that he thought would have you laughing. I told him No So he got you the card he gave you. But I’ll send you the video of us picking out your card so you can see the card. Lol

He wasn’t sure of what to give you and then he thought of a gift card. He knows how hard you work and how tired you can be from your hard work. He sees it even if you don’t think he’s looking. He talks and worries about you often and really wishes that you rest when you can. He needs and loves you more than what he expresses.

Thank you for being what he needs you to be. Thank you for being you. Happy Fathers Day

I just wanted him to know that he is greatly appreciated. Often times much credit is given to the mother and never the father. He does what he can and that’s all that matters to me. He’s not perfect but he’s perfect enough for Justin. He fights and love just as hard as I do for our son. Although we live states away he is present in his sons life. It’s the little things that makes me appreciate the father he is to our son. He switched his phone from an android to an iPhone just so he could FaceTime his son. He attends Justin IEP meetings. He also makes himself available when I cannot due to work. What he does may not seem a lot to some but it’s the world to us. No, he isn’t there daily but he is definitely present.

Once Again, Happy Fathers Justin A. Conyers


 Fathers Day Text Message I sent to Justin’s Dad


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