I've been focusing  lately on what are my next steps in life. I have so much going and I barely have time to fit much writing in. I love what I do professionally but I'm really thinking of reconsidering my day time job. I've been teaching for ten years now. Teaching is not like what it use to be many years ago. You had one set curriculum, you mastered that for maybe five years and then on to a new one. That's not happening now. It appears that for the last five years the curriculum within itself has changed. There's so many modifications being done to make sure Teachers are meeting the states or districts expectations. I get it but it appears to be more paperwork than actual teaching. 

My true passion is counseling. I still love teaching but I'm going to now teach in a different way. I'm going to guide people on how to manage their emotions, have better relationships with others and advocate for themselves and their children.  I recently just got my certificate in meditation. So now, I can teach meditation classes. I'm excited and nervous because my journey is happening so far as expected with a few  bumps here and there  in the road. 

I wish to get my Doctorates soon ( Dr. White Sound Nice)  I'm not sure in what area of study just yet. I don't know if I want to major in Advanced Human Behavior, General Psychology or a Sexologist. I'm sure some are 🤔 wondering Where did Sexologist come from? I have a love for helping people when it involves relationships, sex and love. Whether it be be parent- child relationship, family relationships, or even couple relationships.

 I just have this love for helping people and educating them. 
 So now it's time for me to sit down and decide what is the best road for me to take. Will I leave teaching next school year? Will I find something new? Will I start my own meditation school?  What area of study should I choose? Which one is more marketable? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. 

I will keep you all posted on things as I decide them.

Happy Reading 📖


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Next Steps 


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