I forgot to mention!!!!!

In the 21 Days I will be consistent with my workout routine making it a new habit. I will be breaking my bad habit of eating unhealthy foods and eating late at night. Well I will eat things in moderation, which I do, come to think of it. It’s just when I’m emotional or exhausted I can tend to overeat in snacks.

I will also be consistent with my meditation routine, writing my blog, and working on my goals. I swear I get so entangled with the lives of others I don’t tend to my goals the way I should be.

I will write later about Day 1 and a Recap of D2!!!

Hope everyone is having a Great Day!


Wish me Luck!!

Keena's Moments

21 Days Update


6 thoughts on “21 Days Update

  1. Good luck! I know it is hard, but you are right – making healthy eating and exercise a habit – it will become your new lifestyle. I lost over 100 pounds myself – took me about 18 months to do, but I did it the same way you are doing it. I made healthy food choices and exercised. The biggest thing I did was cut out sugar – I have been sugar free for almost 7 years now. Keep at it – I know you will do great!


    • Thank you!!! Oh wow! That’s great. I cut out sugar for almost a year and some how it made its way back into my diet. šŸ¤¦šŸ½ā€ā™€ļø I don’t have sugar in my house but when I’m out I go for the sugary drinks. I may have some questions during my journey. Thanks for the Luck!!

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