I’m back!!!!

My 21 Day challenge has to began again because I slacked off big time due to Justin being sick. His sickness wasn’t in the cards and I was not prepared for it.

Justin was first diagnosed with Pharyngitis last Tuesday. He still wasn’t feeling well after a few days of rest, he was running a fever barely moving, blowing his nose with tissues everywhere and let me not forget the coughing all over the house. I’m not sick after all of that. Thank God! But he’s still sick and I had to take him to Urgent Care because he couldn’t control his cough which was effecting his breathing.

He was looking and feeling horrible

It was very scary for the both of us. They diagnosed him with having an upper respiratory infection. He’s doing a lot better now, that’s he’s taking the proper medication. So with all of this stress my 21 Days fell to the waste side.

I ate late, forgot to workout, meditation happened later in the day but the plus side out of all of this I did lose 3lbs so far. I’m not sure if should actually start over being that I lost weight. I’m thinking I should because I didn’t make the behavior changes I was suppose to.

Let me know what you guys think! Should today be Day 5 or Day 1.

Keena's Moments

Day One, Take Two 🎬


2 thoughts on “Day One, Take Two 🎬

  1. Betcha didn't know! says:

    Hmm…πŸ˜• I say day 5. If you’ve seen progress, then continue on. Life happens and things could possibly get off track again. So instead of starting over again every time you get off track, just continue if there’s progress despite the set backs. Sound like you’re doing great to me! I’m glad your son is getting better😊.

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    • I was thinking Day 5 as well. I just thought being that I had a few mess up I should start over so that it could be a consistent thing but I eat a lot less, I just ate later than I wanted to. I was shocked that I lost weight despite eating the times that I did. Which is, why I questioned should I start over or just continue because you’re right life will always get you off track sometimes all that matters is if you keep going. Thank you for your input it’s greatly appreciated. Thank you! 😊 he’s feeling a lot better still a cough but it’s not that bad.

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