This Quote resonates with Me.

I realized that it’s not about my surroundings. Its me. I’m thinking I’ll be better off changing the things and people that I’m around but I must change myself.

As a therapist I tell clients and friends all the time, take yourself out of the equation and meet and see the person for where they are at. No one is the same nor think the same. So we have to be willing to remove self to truly see people for where they are at.

I’m guilty of not seeing people for where they are at all the time but I am learning to. Everything is a process.

Blessings. Just my thoughts 😊

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So I Am Changing Myself.


4 thoughts on “So I Am Changing Myself.

  1. I have tried half a dozen times to answer this then deleted it 😬 How can I word this without sounding unfeeling…… Maybe it is my age 🙄 but I do not believe that you should change yourself for anyone. You are you, your special.

    I have no problem removing negative or egotistical people from my life. Life is too short. I have lots of love in my heart and will help anyone if they are willing to help themselves too.

    Perhaps I need counselling 😉

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