Is Honesty the best policy? I hear they say it is. People would rather you be honest than lie. I like honesty because it allows me to learn more about myself and be aware of things. At times I may not like the approach or the delivery of the honesty but I respect it.

This past week I’ve been very honest with a lot of people in my life. It’s seems that honesty from me is not what they’re use to hearing. Well I think it had everything to do with my delivery. I really haven’t been delivering my dose of honesty nicely. It’s because I’ve been frustrated and emotionally overwhelmed. When you’re everyone’s go to listening person, everyone dumps their stories onto you forgetting that you have feelings or maybe going through your own personal dilemmas.

Not one person truly asked me if I was okay and if I needed anything in return. I have to either post something on social media or say I’m not doing so well. I don’t get the check in, they way I check in on them. Its always about their story and what they are going through. When I reach out no one truly listens. I get ignored and it’s frustrating because I give the same people my undivided attention no matter what. I’m the bad guy right now because no one is really talking to me at this moment and I’m okay with it. I feel like I need a break from everyone in my life at this moment. I need to create the balance in my life and the silence will do it.

I keep a lot in and I normally don’t express my feelings fully. I think that’s what is hindering my personal and professional growth. Expression. There’s so much that I want to say. I don’t say it and sometimes I do say but the wrongs ways. I’m learning more and more each day. It’s not that I don’t know how to communicate I think it’s the feeling I get when I do communicate that no one is listening. If the people Near me doesn’t listen. How do I get others to listen? πŸ€”

Something to think about. In the end honesty is always the best policy. I think it’s how you approach and speak your honesty. I apologize to those who I may have offended but please understand that I’m not your Personal therapist because it’s my profession but I am your friend. So treat me as such the way I do you.

Now that I got that off my chest. Happy Monday Everyone.

Be Honest in Your Way as Long as Your Honest with Yourself.

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30 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. roseelaineblog says:

    I understand where you are coming from, last year I suffered a lot of illness and had lots of worry, my best friend who I had always been there for was not there for me in the same way, she forgot when I had important hospital appointments and only came to visit me once.

    Whenever she rang me it was to tell me what she was doing and where she was going with her new found boyfriend ( I was very happy for her ❀️ ).

    However I ended our friendship because it was one sided, true friends balance each other. πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ

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    • Awww, Im sorry that had to happen to you. But that’s typical behavior of some people once they find love, they dismiss the friendships they previously had.

      It’s hard letting old friendships go and some of them are new but I’m realizing if it’s one-sided I definitely need to let it go until there’s a balance.

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      • roseelaineblog says:

        It’s hard letting go but it made me feel free, it took me a long time to realise that I was worthy of equality rather than just being a giver.

        Cast what brings you down or prevents you moving forward. It’s not being selfish it’s allowing you to reach your full potential 🌹


  2. I wrote about an old friend and I and how our relationship has changed. We haven’t spoken for almost a year now. I’m good with it. Continue to speak your truth in a nice manner. You’ll meet people who are on the same frequency as you. And will honor you the way you should be. πŸŒΈπŸ’œ

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    • I think as time moves on I will be good with the changes of friend. I think because I have this embedded belief that you should have childhood friendship that should never die I hold onto the dearly. When I should clearly let go of them. Thank you for the encouragement to continue to be me. I have to check your story. I’m sure I can definitely learn from it.

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  3. I could really feel your frustration and pain. It is so important for you to take good care of yourself. Being a therapist must be like people who win the lottery… everyone becomes your “best” friend… for their own selfish reasons. It is good to be able to discern the difference. And someone caring about you… what you think and how you feel, is important. Honesty works both ways. I guess we all need a reality check from time to time!

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  4. I know how much I appreciate my therapist being grounded and able to stay present with me. I am always aware of how difficult of a job you have being a therapist, mother, wife, friend, child too! You are all amazing in what you do!

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  5. gumersindo says:

    give thanks you 😊 hugs Back It’s surd letting go but it made me spirit liberal, it took me a long metre to realise that I was worthy of equivalence rather than just being a giver.

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  6. It’s not easy to be completely honest, so kudos to you for sticking to this best policy, especially with the people in your life! Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I also discuss similar topics on my blog, and I’d really appreciate if you’d visit. πŸ™‚

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