I’ve written this roughly two years ago. Curious to know if the world saw me the way I saw myself…

When you look at me…

What is it that you see?

Do you see the freckles on my face that blends so well with my skin tone?

Do you see my voluptuous shape and why some may categorize me as big bone?

Do you see the degrees on my wall that I worked so hard to get?

Do you see the struggles I’ve endured that I will never want to forget.

Do you see the smile upon my face when deep down I want to cry?

Do you see the tear that will never fall because my emotions are trapped deep down inside?

Do you see the look upon my face as I wonder where life will take thee?

Do you see the satisfaction I display as I realize how society hasn’t defined me?

Do you see the love I have for my child with a well-know disability?

Do you see the advocacy I do for those whose voice is not easily and immediately heard?

Do you see how well I hide my maternal hurt by defying all odds?

Do you see my past that I once ran from but now accept because it molded me into the woman I currently am?

Do you see the peace I have when I’m meditating to clear my mind of negative thoughts?

Do you see the pose I sit in daily so I can practice my Buddhist faith religiously?

Do you see the reason why I reflect personally so that I can have more awareness of self?

Do you see the closed mouth I keep to hide the sexual side I only want one man to see?

Do you see how I hide my sexuality because of how society judges women like me?

Do you see the woman that I am?

Do you see me for me?

Keena's Moments

Poetry by Me! Titled Do You See?


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