The photo shoot for today was a success. It began to rain while we was out in nature at one of Justin’s meditation spots which now will become my meditation spot.

At first I wasn’t going to go with him and my sister but something told me to go and I’m glad I did. I was so at peace. I was able to understand why he loved going for walks when he was stressed out. I think I may be joining him from now on when he goes on his walks.

He was explaining to my sister and I, that he likes taking walks and discovering new places because he can discover them on his own without any other persons knowledge but his own in that moment. He said “you know when you go to those historic places they tell you things about the place, you never get to learn it for yourself. I’d rather learn things for myself than someone tell me what it is”

Hearing him say that was a proud mommy moment. I always want him to have a mind of his own and to be able to think for himself. Today he allowed me more into his thoughts through this shoot. Because we were capturing his emotions we held conversation with him and as he talked he expressed many emotions. He was a little anxious about taking pictures and pretty much told on me because I’m always taking picture. He said ” I don’t like my picture on social media ” I’m like it’s for our blog!!! 😳I’ll be mindful of his feelings. He always find a way to sneak telling on me. I don’t mind it because it helps me be more aware of his feelings that I may not take into consideration at times.

Overall today was a great day. I learned something new about my son and I made him happy because I got to see what he sees as serene and it’s something he found on his own.

Here are some photos from today. Part 2 of the photo shoot will take place this Sunday . I can’t wait. It’s going to be a sunny day. 🤗


Photo Shoot Part 1


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