I’m so excited that I get to see another year of life really soon. I’m looking forward to getting a massage, dinner, and quality time alone and with family and friends. I’m keeping things simple this year.

Last year I went all out because it was my 35th Birthday. I honored the woman in my life by paying for a fancy photo shoot for them. They were able to dress up really sexy and love the skin they are in. I played soft music, had light food, so we wouldn’t over indulge because the photos would have told on us, and makeup. Everyone looked beautiful. The time together was priceless. It’s very hard for women to get together and support one another without letting their hormones get the best of them. I can say, we all supported one another and made each other feel confident in ourselves and in our bodies.

I’m thinking of doing another photo shoot like that in honor of Woman’s Day next year. Still have a lot of thinking and planning so we shall see.

Check out some photos from my birthday last year.


My Birthday Is Coming


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