I’m thinking of changing my website name 🤔. Haven’t decided what the name should be just yet but the idea has been laying heavy on me. As I’m writing my autobiography I keep getting change the website name. So I will be soon change the website name and it’s format.

This shall be fun and exciting! Can’t wait to have the name and new website format. I hope you all like it.

Any suggestions? 🤔

Keena's Moments

Name Change


11 thoughts on “Name Change

  1. I have been thinking of changing mine as well. Something about the word “nest” bothers me….I am always like, “Oh!” when I read some of the other autism website names, “That is clever!” I am not a clever one. I am anxious to see what others may offer up!

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    • Really? I love your name. I’m like why didn’t think of something like that. Yea, I feel the same way with mines. I feel like mine is a little bit to scholarly or makes me think of a College text book.

      I have a few ideas of what I want to call it. So we will see what I decide. So will you be changing your name.

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      • Oh thanks! I don’t know why but somehow I got “exterminator for bugs” in my head when I thought about the word nest. Maybe it is just me. I toyed with the idea of changing mine – I liked the idea of something like “The Sky’s the Limit.” But then didn’t know how changing my name would effect things. I am still debating. Your name sticks – I was commenting on another blog (Rose Elaine’s) and she told me, “Do you follow Autism Psychology Spirituality? You should it is really good! I told her I enjoyed your blog as well – but she knew your name right away! And recommended you!

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        • No, lol when I read nest I think of home and family. We’re always our worse critics. Wow! I read her blog as well and love it. Hmmm, makes me think about keeping the name but revamping it. Now I really have to things. Someone on FB recommended The Many Changes of Autism


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