Why is it so easy to love others more and before we truly love ourselves? I wonder if it’s because we see qualities in others that we don’t embody just yet ourselves. Or is it simply just easier to love others. Is it because it’s what we’re taught to do first?

Hmmm. I wonder.

Do you guys have an idea of why it’s easier?

I personally think we first develop a connection with others before truly learn how to connect with ourselves. Since our youth We’re told what and who we are by others especially our family.

So it makes you think, is that why we have a hard time defining or finding our place in life and loving who we are because we don’t truly fit the mode of what others projected onto us over the years. Is this the reason why it’s hard to love ourselves first.


I️ May have to ponder this more.

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❤️ Love 💗


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