My mind has been all over the place lately. I have so many things going on at one time at the moment, it seems that the only peace of mind I get is when I’m meditating. I wish I can stay in the meditative state all day.

I know all I have to do is be present. But it’s hard being Present when you have a list of goals and deadlines to meet. I know I will get things done but I need my sanity back to 💯. I know my clarity is short at the moment because my Hyperthyroidism is back. Not sure what my numbers are but I can feel it in my body that my T3 and T4 are not in the right range at the moment. I have been working on getting them there and I will get them there.

Some of my symptoms are lost of focus, irritability, insomnia, and fatigue. I haven’t had the flight symptom this go round but I’ve experienced it before.

Caffeine is the culprit to my symptoms. It all started off with me doing Coffee enemas. Yes I do coffee enemas. I’ll explain in a later post why I do enemas. It’s actually why my Thyroid levels are now controlled without medicine.

Ever since the enemas. I have been drinking coffee like crazy. If you’re ever anxious and you’re a coffee drinker, just know coffee can contribute to your anxieties. Throughout the day I remind myself it’s not you. It’s the coffee. It’s good to know what foods and drinks can alter your thinking.

Because of caffeine and my levels being up its why my writing has dropped in the month of November. I could not focus. It was so hard thinking about what I wanted to wear let alone write. Then addition to writing, I’m completing things so I can start classes in January, taking care of Justin, completing reports so I can discuss my students progress with their parents, write the book, and see clients and update their files. There’s a list of other things outside of these but I won’t list then because I may just cry just thinking about it and actually seeing it written out.

I love what I do but I definitely need to make sure I remain healthy so this won’t happen again. I’ll admit I fell off the wagon once again. I gained my weight back and Im getting back on track! My poor food intake can also contribute to my levels going up. Yup! Soy and Dairy is No Bueno for me and I’ve been in love with cheese lately. I’ve always been in love with cheese 😍. But I’ve given it up so that I can get better and it’s helped a lot. I’ll normally eat cheese once in a few months but I’ve been eating daily since my birthday. I know, I know I stopped eating it for about a week now.

I am slowly getting back on track but I am getting there!! I will get there! I hope all has been well with you guys. Can’t wait to catch up reading what you all have been up to your blogs!

Happy Saturday!

Positive Readings! 😘


I’m All Over the Place


2 thoughts on “I’m All Over the Place

  1. One small step at a time. You have great ideas, but you are only one Keena. Take a step back and rearrange your schedule. Give yourself a day to unwind, turn off from the world. You’ll find your medium ground. I hope this helps! Praying for your healing.

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