So a few weeks back I did a 7 Day Water Fast. It was an amazing feeling and process. I’ve decided to do it again and this time write about.

I tried to do the water fast again last week but I had to pause it due to not feeling well which I believe was due to a die off. When fasting you go through a die off period. A die off means all the toxins and parasites are leaving your body. During this time you get sick with flu like symptoms, break out, have headaches, and it can last for a few days up to a week. My symptoms only lasted for a few days but I decided to just enjoy the week and eat. I did want to give in and take medicine but I did not give in. I got better without taking medicine and allowing my body time to heal with natural foods and water.

Starting Day One Over Again… Not because I wanted to but because I had to get better first. I hope my journey inspire others to give this fast a shot. If not for 7 days but for 1-3 days here and there.

Day 1… So far so good. I feel great. I did eat a large meal this time compared to last time ( I didn’t have a large meal today, I’m taking about yesterday). I don’t have a headache like last time and I’m not as hungry. I am focused again. It seems that eating for me takes away some of my clarity and makes me tired especially heavy foods. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking just eat lighter. It’s truly hard to eat light when you love food so much. I just want to eat and try everything. However, I’ve decided to join the rest of my close family and become either vegetarian or pescatarian.

Not eating meat for an entire week made me feel great. Not eating food period made me feel great. I still had energy but Day one last time was so horrible. I wanted to give up and give in to food. But I would not allow myself to do it. This was about me and getting my body back on track internally. Getting healthy both inside and out, I believe is crucial to any new journey to getting healthy.

I’m not sure what caused me to do a seven day water fast. I do know that when I mastered the 1 and 2 day fast, I wanted to feel that same feeling but longer. So I then decided to do a 7 Day Water Fast, I made the decision the night before, kept it to myself and didn’t tell anyone until the day I started it or when they asked me if I was eating anything.

Clarity, Clarity, Clarity, I gained so much clarity. Doing the water fast, I felt like I had better control over my thoughts and feelings. I was calmer and my perspective on things changed. It really makes you think, what else can the body do without food.

Well I must go now. Stay tune for Day Two.

Keena's Moments

7 Day Water Fast


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