It’s not easy raising a child. I think we all have had our share of scared and fearful thoughts and moments.  I’m sure we thought about all the things that could go right and go wrong. We even thought of doing things quite different from our parents. One can never be prepared for raising a child no matter how much planning and thought was given. Just imagine raising a child with a disability. Hmmm, raising a child with a disability surely intensifies the level of fearfulness we endure. However we should not succumb to the challenges we will definitely face but be the voice that advocates for your child.

Here I will share ways I advocated for my child. I hope what I share will help and provide you with tips on how you can advocate for your child.

  1. Get your boxing gloves ready
  2. Educate yourself or have friends who knows the system
  3. Read! Research! and Remember
  4. Know your Rights – School districts like to get over on those who don’t know.
  5. Join a Support Group My Autism Team (is just like FB but a community a autism parents)
  6. Build a Team of Support
  7. Educate your Family.



I will soon go into detail on each point in 2017





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