Bike Saga

I Can Ride A Bike! 

Justin can now ride a bike! The other day I had to pick Justin up early from his grandmother’s house on his step-mother’s side, he had to go to the dentist for a cleaning. While picking him up, I noticed he was on a bike while his sister and cousin were trying to teach him how to ride it. He seemed really frustrated and annoyed because apparently the bike wasn’t working well. So I waved for him to come get in the car so we wouldn’t be late for his appointment. As soon as he closed the door I knew he was going to get his thoughts off his chest. He said “I really didn’t want to ride the bike but my sister and cousin wanted me to.” 

I asked him, “What was wrong with riding a bike? Riding bikes are really fun and cool.”

 I told him about a time when I was young and got a bike for christmas and enjoyed riding it once I became good at it. 

He said, “But I just can’t seem to balance myself.” 

I said, “Well you know that’s normal. I heard that some children with Autism have a hard time riding a bike, maybe that is the case with you but you can always give it chance.” 

I could tell he was thinking about what I said because he stopped talking. I made silly faces to distract him from his thoughts and of course it worked, he immediately started laughing at me. After his visit with the dentist, I took him back to his grandmother’s house to spend more time with his sister and cousin. A few hours after I dropped him off, I received a phone call from Justin. I always get worried when he calls me while he is out. 

He asked,”Mom can I bring my bike home?” 

I was completely perplexed. I replied,“What bike?” 

Justin responded, ”The one I was riding earlier when you picked me up.” 

I said, “Oh okay! I thought you couldn’t ride that bike.”  

He replied, “Oh I can ride the bike now. My sister and cousin showed me. I can balance and ride it a lot better.” 

I was simply amazed. Once again Justin has shown me that he can conquer anything he put his motivation to. I am so proud of him. Today I had the pleasure of watching him ride his bike. I am one proud mom