This is my painting. It doesn’t have a name. It started out as a flower and then it ended up this way. I was reflecting and painting based off the day my client had.

My client was really stressed out after school. So we decided to paint a picture. It helped my client calm down and open up about their day. My client really enjoyed the activity. I did have something else in my to work on but sometimes you have to improvise and go with the mood of the day.

My client felt better and open up like a Butterfly 🦋…

Here’s my client painting. Titled: “Lines”

Happy Friday Everyone!!


Art Therapy.


I’m not sure if many of you know that I am a mental health therapist for children and young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. When I first started my job I was very nervous and thought the worse things a therapist can think of when providing therapy. I had to call one of my go to persons to help me feel better and confident. He assured me that I will do well and I will make an impact. My first few days of counseling was the scariest. It’s was only scary because I was allowing thoughts to effect me.

Photo Courtesy of Psychology Today

I love what I do. I find that providing therapy to others is very productive. Not only do I help them with their issues. I learn more and more about myself. Often times after session. I reflect on the session, assessing what works and what doesn’t. I also look at new ways to get a break throw. I love it when my clients have a break through. It’s as if the the light bulb just went off and they finally get what they felt was so hard to understand and or accomplish.

An Aha Moment is Always Rewarding.

I knew I wanted to be a therapist since I was a little girl. I remember watching a television show and the lady on the show was a Therapist. I said I’m going to do that when I get older. I always knew I wanted to help people by listening. I didn’t start out as a Therapist because Teaching was something I needed to accomplish before becoming a Counselor. Teaching was what helped me become a better mom for my child with Autism. I was fully equipped with laws and my rights as a parent with a child with a disability. I’ll tell you there is nothing like knowing your rights as a parent when dealing with your child’s development.

I made sure he had everything he was entitled. I also made sure he received any service he needed to help he improve.

I still teach!!

I teach the little ones. I’m a Preschool Teacher. I love Teaching the little ones especially the Special Ones. I love making sure services are in place for them and educating parents on their rights.

I’m known as the Social- Emotional Teacher Advocate Specialist at School. That’s not my job title but I swear it because of all of the work I do.

Just wanted to share a little bit more about myself. I teach during the day and I’m at Therapist by Night! 😊

Keena's Moments

I’m a Mental Health Therapist.


For the past four years I've known I wanted to pursue my Doctorates just haven't quite made the time for it. Now I have made the time and will be making the resources available for myself to do so.

Sometimes we have to sacrifice the little things in order to get to greater things in life.

At this moment I'm applying to school and taking the necessary steps to get to my next level. I know I'll get there. It's just a matter of time. My goals is to complete my Doctorates by the time my son graduates High School. I know it's a goal that's going to be a challenge due to my schedule but it's a goal I'm willing to put to the test.

I will do this and give it my all.

Future: Dr. K White

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I’m Ready

Keena's Moments

Day to Day

These past few weeks have been really challenging for the both of us. We knew Justin’s in-home counseling services would end soon. However, we were not expecting my new diagnosis. At least I was not expecting it.  I knew that I wasn’t feeling like myself but dismissed it as the day to day hormonal things women go through. The thing is my hormones are usually balanced and I am never really irritable because of my meditation practices. I am typically a calm person who has their moments from time to time, but they are very seldom.

I do not like how I feel. I feel like I do not know myself. Its hard to focus on meditating when your mind and body wants to run all day long. I was truly depressed recently. I have been upset that I had a hard time sitting down to write a post. It took me one week to write one post when normally it takes me several hours to write three. As I said before, my body would shake uncontrollably making it hard to type and or write. I would lose my train of thought when I was writing and would forget to sit down and write. I was irritable with myself and  especially angry at my symptoms. I know that what I have been experiencing is all due to my diagnosis. I am happy to say I am finally on medicine and my symptoms are being maintained. In a few weeks I will have to come off my medicine so more tests can be run to find out the root cause of my condition. I know I will not be happy about it but I plan on finding things that I can do to reduce my symptoms. So far I found foods that will reduce my  thyroid gland from producing too much hormone. Also, meditation will help me during those moments to when I want to pull my hair out.

This is a new journey for not only me, but for Justin. On top of dealing with me and my moods he has been dealing with the lost of his counselor and behavioral assistant. It seemed like all of the strategies that were taught to him went straight out the door the day following their last day. He’s been in a bad mood and everything someone says to him at school annoys him. I’ll admit I have been annoyed with his moodiness. It’s hard dealing with your child’s emotions while you’re trying to maintain your own emotions that you have no control over. I’ve apologized to  Justin several time for my “ I’m not having that ” rants. I am blessed that he understands what I am going through.