Today is Justin’s Dad Birthday! He called him early this morning to wish him a Happy Birthday. I remember when he was about six years old he’d repeatedly say our age and our birthdays back to back…

He’d say Daddy’s Birthday is December 6 and Mommy’s Birthday is October 18. Daddy is older than Mommy. Mommy is 28 and Daddy is 31. 

Justin didn’t care where he said this at. 

I was just happy that he remembered our birthdays. 

Today is his Dad’s  Birthday and I’m wishing him a Blessed and Wonderul Birthday. He’s A Great Dad to Justin and I love the bond they share…

Happy Birthday Justin!!!  

PS Justin is named after his dad 

Justin, His Dad, his sister and cousin 

In Canada… Picture take my Mommy Sabrina 


It’s His Dad’s Birthday