Today, We decided to food shop, clean, relax, play games, go to the movies, and do lunch. Which won't be all in that order but it's going to take place today.

He's so much taller than I am. I miss him being my size or smaller. I'm glad he's back home. I've missed him being home. He came back a little anxious about school and friendships but we worked out his worries. I make sure I make it easy for him to come to me with anything he has going on in his mind. I try my best not to be his therapist but be his Mom with a lot of understanding.

He appreciates it. I'm glad my own personal and professional growth has changed me enough to be a better person for him.

He will always be one of my reasons why I do what I do. I love being his Mom 😊

The Emoji Movies was good. Go Check it out.


Mother & Son


A few weeks ago my sister asked me if I wanted to stay over so we could hang out the next day. I said Sure! She wanted Justin to come as well so he could hangout with my nephews. So we’re currently at my sisters house. As we were getting ready for bed. Justin says ” hey mom, look we’re sleeping in the same room again. The last time we slept near each other was during Hurricane Sandy” I just looked at him shocked my head yes and smiled. Then I thought I guess we can’t count all the times I fell asleep on him during a movie. He use to get upset now he doesn’t. He knows that’s it’s bound to happen. So he says it’s okay if you fall asleep 😴. I remember taking him to the movies so I could sleep. 

I’m now wide awake. Had another sleepless night. Maybe slept 3 hours at most. I’ve been up thinking and realizing some things I myself need to change. I can no longer just say it. I have to do it… I’m now putting my best foot forward. Soon I will be a year old and I’ve definitely made some changes before turning and I would like to continue. 

Here’s  a pic of me and Justin at 4a.m. As you can see I’m dressed and he’s sleep. I do think he had a hard time sleeping last night. I don’t know if my snoring kept him up (he said I wasn’t snoring 🤔but I don’t think he’s telling me the truth) or the fact that I kept calling his name and asking him if he’s okay. He finally fell asleep at 2 a.m. 
Hope you all are doing well and enjoying love as much as I am. 

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Spending the Night Out 


This weekend has been a Wii filled weekend. Somehow Justin convinced me to place the Wii in the livingroom. I thought to myself maybe it’s not so bad having the Wii in the living room because I can catch up on my shows like Law and Order and Criminal Minds. I know I can watch them on regular tv, but there’s nothing like watching your favorite television shows back to back without waiting a whole week to see it again. I don’t care if I am a season behind, it’s certainly worth the wait.  
Back to the story. So Justin pretty much took over my living room now. Everyday, he says to me “Mom, can I play the Wii?” I sigh and say, ” Yes Justin.” So in the process of him playing the Wii in the living room he’s got my boyfriend and I playing the Wii with him. He’s truly enjoying his family moments. The smile on his face is priceless. Anything to make him smile makes me smile. Because of our Wii Moments we’re now having Wii challenges. So far he’s kicking our butts in bowling but I rock in Archery! Lol


Our Wii Moments