Keena's Moments

It feels good to just sit. Yesterday was the first day I got to come home and do nothing. As soon as Justin got home we talked about his day. He’s a little nervous about a presentation today. So, I did a little talk therapy to help him feel better. I hope it worked.

These past two weeks has been two long paperwork field weeks. I had paperwork to complete for both jobs. I really enjoy what I do. I love teaching my students as well as provide counseling services to families of children with disabilities. I know first hand that raising a child with a disability is not easy. Sigh.

After coming home early Justin smiles at me and says “Would you like to go out with me to dinner? ” I smiled and said “Yes”. He always knows how to make me feel better.  We sat and talked about school, funny stuff that he likes to watch, and him wanting a new phone. It was good night. Just in case you are wondering we went to Friendlys. It’s located right down the street from our house. It’s one of Justin’s favorite places to eat. After the end of our date he says ” I know you spent money on our meals but we got to spend time and go out together. I know we go out on the weekends but it feels good to do it during the week”. Where do they get this kid? I’m so glad he chose me to be his mom.

Making time for things and those that matter is all that matters– Justin W.C.


Making Time