Moments, Reflections

Part II / Two for OneĀ 

I know I’m a few tomorrow’s far from when I originally said I would continue part two. So here is goes. Dr. Levitt thought it be a good idea if he did one big surgery rather than two separate one because of the risk of him losing his hearing again once the tubes fell out. They say after the age of five ear infections shouldn’t occur as much as you get older. Well that hasn’t been the case for Justin. Somehow he still kept getting them. Well know we know why he kept getting them. His adenoids were so large they were covering the hole that drains your ear fluid. Which is why he had fluid build up in his ears. 
I wasn’t happy about the surgery because I was more concerned with how Justin will react. However, I know that it was a must because he needs his hearing. As soon as we left the doctor’s office I notified his father. He father was worried just as I was. This would be the first time Justin’s been in the hospital for something serious. He’s never really been or had to go to the hospital. Except for the one time when he was little and he needed stitches. Justin tripped over something and fell onto a broken chair. My mom was the one who took him to the hospital that time. I was at work. From what I recall from my mom’s version of things he put up a fight with the doctors. Justin was a strong little boy. He didn’t know he strength.
 After recalling that incident now I’m remembering another incident. When Justin was 4 he was bitten by another student who had the HIV virus. Yup! You read right. I don’t know how I forgot that day. I remember when I got that phone call from the school asking me to come in. I’m saying to myself why did they need me to come in for a bite mark they could have just applied first aide and wrote me an incident report. It wasn’t until I got there and they sat me down I understood. All I remember was grabbing Justin and flying straight to the hospital. The reason I had to take him to the hospital was because the other student broke skin. As soon as I arrived at the emergency room they took him straight in. I explained what happened. The number one question that I did not have the answer to was ” Did the other student have cuts or his blood in his mouth as he bit your son?”. Like I said I didn’t know the answer. The school didn’t provide me with that information. The hospital called the school and no one answered. For precautions and safety reasons they took blood for blood work and they started Justin on HIV meds. He would have to take those meds for a week or two. I was not a happy mother. He would also have to get tested again in six months to make sure he doesn’t have the virus. All I could think of is what else are we gonna have to go through. 
Justin is HIV free and he didn’t attend that school that long after the incident.