So over the past months now. I’ve been  making necessary changes to my life and routines. I’m eating clean now, working out more, meditating daily (sometimes I don’t because I don’t make time for it but now I’m back on track). I’ve gotten my hyperthyroidism together so now my focus back. When my levels are up I lose all my focus and become really irritable. My heart rate is always racing, pressure is up, and I’m mean as all hell.

My heart rate when my levels are up. I know not good at all. I was just sitting down.

I’ve been stable for the past five months now. I truly believe it’s due to me reducing what causes me stress and changing my eating habits. My skin is clearer

I have a lot more energy and I feel like my old self. I’m praying I can continue my progress. Let me rephrase that, I’m confident I will continue with my progress. This is all a part of my growth.

I know many do not agree with me stopping all of my medication but I have not needed them and have chosen a holistic path to my healing. I believe that this was the route for me to go being that during the time the doctors was suppose to give me radiation to shrink my thyroid my blood work can back normal so they did not need to give me the radiation. They can only give you radiation if your level as are high. My levels in a matter of a few days normalized and they explained to me that, that what happened to me has never happened before so I’d said it was definitely a sign.

I’ve read and heard many horror stories about having the thyroid removed and getting radiation. I was advised not go to through with it but I thought maybe I should being that I couldn’t control my symptoms. It appears the universe had a different plan for me. I’m glad things worked out the way they did. My doctor wasn’t too happy. He wanted me to still take medicine when my levels wasn’t up. The Physician assistant was trying to talk to him and tell him that he should allow me to go an all natural way if that’s my choosing being that research shows it can go away naturally. He was not having it and neither was I. I haven’t been back since. I only see my primary doctor now. He listens to my concerns and allows me to take the best approach for me while monitoring my health.

Make sure you get a doctor who listens and not tell you what to do.

I’ve also stopped putting harsh Chemicals in my hair. I’m all natural. No more relaxers that will fry my scalp and brain. 😍.

Relax vs. Natural.

I’m loving the skin I’m in.

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Naturally Me! Getting My Hyperthyroidism Under Control.


A year ago I was diagnosed with Hyperthyriodism. It’s a condition that runs in the family and apparently a lot of my friends wish they had because when your levels are up you can eat whatever you want but never gain weight. You’ll actually lose several pounds in a day. The most I lost in a day was 7lbs and I’m a week Some people with Hyperthyriodism do but I don’t. The like the weightloss aspect of the disease but I don’t think they could handle having insomnia, racing heart beat, hot flashes, and the wonderful bouts of itching and rashes. Oh wait I for got feeling anxious and a little depressed. 

Which is why I’m writing this post. I spoke to a really good friend who knows me well and loves to agree to disagree with me. I was telling her how I’ve been feeling lately and how I can’t shake feeling sad all the time. I then realized it’s been this way since September. So she’s suggesting I go see my doctor. Of course I’m disagreeing with her and saying maybe I need to see a therapist. I then proceed to tell her how stressed out I’ve been due to party planning and all the other responsibilities I have to take care of. She then says I bet it’s your thyroid levels that’s making you feel like that. A  💡 bulb went off and I realized it makes so much sense. I’ve been trying all natural remedies to control my condition and so far it’s been working. However, when you add on stress and driking too much caffeine it’s a disaster waiting to happen. My levels are still up and I do have my prescribed medicine on hand. So I’ll take them until I get better. 

Sometimes you need that one friend to remind you of what you should already know and realize. 

Thanks Lori!!! 

I love you. It was fun agreeing to disagree with you. True friends can do that with you. 

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My Levels are up! 


Taking Care

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and it’s partly because both Justin and I have been on vacation and I just recently found out I have hyperthyroidism. I got the news of my condition while traveling to my vacation destination. What a way to get bad news. But I took the experience as everything was happening for a reason. Before the diagnosis I could not understand why I was shaking so much, sleeping for only three hours, being irritable, and losing weight despite me eating like I haven’t eaten in years. I am so glad that I now know what’s wrong.

I have to admit I am bad at taking care of myself. After having Justin, his health was my primary goal. It really became my only concern after his autism diagnosis. I try to make my yearly appointments but time and life get the best of me. To be honest, I only go when I am sick. I only went to the doctor recently because I broke out in hives  in the middle of the night. I believed at the time it was due from the putting on some Bath and Body Works lotion. But after reading about the symptoms of hyperthyroidism online, I discovered my breaking out was due to my new condition. I really have to take care of myself. If not for me, definitely for Justin.