A year ago I was diagnosed with Hyperthyriodism. It’s a condition that runs in the family and apparently a lot of my friends wish they had because when your levels are up you can eat whatever you want but never gain weight. You’ll actually lose several pounds in a day. The most I lost in a day was 7lbs and I’m a week Some people with Hyperthyriodism do but I don’t. The like the weightloss aspect of the disease but I don’t think they could handle having insomnia, racing heart beat, hot flashes, and the wonderful bouts of itching and rashes. Oh wait I for got feeling anxious and a little depressed. 

Which is why I’m writing this post. I spoke to a really good friend who knows me well and loves to agree to disagree with me. I was telling her how I’ve been feeling lately and how I can’t shake feeling sad all the time. I then realized it’s been this way since September. So she’s suggesting I go see my doctor. Of course I’m disagreeing with her and saying maybe I need to see a therapist. I then proceed to tell her how stressed out I’ve been due to party planning and all the other responsibilities I have to take care of. She then says I bet it’s your thyroid levels that’s making you feel like that. A  💡 bulb went off and I realized it makes so much sense. I’ve been trying all natural remedies to control my condition and so far it’s been working. However, when you add on stress and driking too much caffeine it’s a disaster waiting to happen. My levels are still up and I do have my prescribed medicine on hand. So I’ll take them until I get better. 

Sometimes you need that one friend to remind you of what you should already know and realize. 

Thanks Lori!!! 

I love you. It was fun agreeing to disagree with you. True friends can do that with you. 

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My Levels are up!