Justin came to me as I was getting ready to leave out for work as I knew he would, telling me in a passionate way that I was abandoning Lucky. I sighed and explained to him that I am not and that I’m giving him to a family member and that if he wants to see him he can always see him becauce he’s with family. He didn’t buy it. He looked like he wanted to tell me off.

His face was red from crying. I felt like the bad guy for the day. I don’t like it when he starts his day off in a bad mood especially if it’s caused by me. He want back into his room to calm himself down before school. Before leaving out I asked him to give it time and think about what I would like to do and he said he would.

He then cry and yelled Β “you know you are abandoning him, you had him since a baby and then you’re just going to give him away like that. It’s so easy for you huh”

I’m not good at arguments because I have a bad habit of laughing when I’m mad. So I laughed really loud and told him to have a good day and that I will talk to him later. Im praying that he’s okay by the time I speak to him.

Justin called me as usual when he got out of school. He’s a whole Β new kid when I speak with him. He’s said ” oh mom I gave a lot of thought and you can give uncle Keith Lucky. I can always go and see him like you said. We can also get the dog you said I can get so Isis won’t be alone” πŸ™„πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜πŸ˜¬ Yes I made all those faces.

I’m glad he understands but he’s not going to leave me alone about having a dog now. He has a really good memory πŸ˜”. Β I’m going to have to replace Lucky with something else. HmmmπŸ€”.

The story continues because just as I thought he was okay with things. He’s not! πŸ™„

I’ll continue tomorrow!


The Lucky Saga Pt 2Β