Keena's Moments


Yesterday I meditated twice. It really feels good to engage in a daily practice that brings you peace and comfort. Meditation has helped me in many ways. It has helped me reflect, learn self awareness, sleep better, and calm myself. I’ve been meditating for the past five years. I will never forget my first meditation experience. It would be this experience that opened my eyes to really learning myself. Since Justin’s diagnosis I’ve only focused on him. Although, I remained in school and obtained degree after degree. Each degree severed a purpose. Yes, at the end I would financially be rewarded for my accomplishment but with those accomplishment came knowledge. Knowledge that would not only get me ahead in life but teach me what I needed to stay what I call “Disability Smart”. I’ve been able to make sure Justin receive what he’s entitled to because of my knowledge. It would be school that not only taught me about autism and various disability laws but it taught me how to get to know myself. I was introduced to meditation in school. And it’s now has been my practice of peace.