Many say that I am defiant. Defiant in both a good and bad way.

It’s just… I like doing the opposite of what people say that I shouldn’t do or can’t do.

My defiance is what helps me defy the odds.

My defiance is a good quality I possess because I will defy any odd by not listening to what people think I should do or suggest how I should live my life.

I am Defiant and Proud. ~ DoctorK

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I am Defiant and Proud!


I’ve decided to write Justin short letter picture quotes from me. I would like for it to be some thing that he can read throughout life to know my thinking process as his mom and to use it for encouragement when life gets the bear of him. Life wasn’t always easy for us and to this day we still have our moments. The world around us seem to be cruel and unfair to those of color. Some may not agree or thing so but it’s the truth.

As Justin watch the news he have questions that are only right for him to ask. Why are things so unfair for those who are black? Why are so many black people being murdered by cops? Why are black people judged so much when people of other races can do the same thing we do? The list of why’s continues. Some days I have straight forward answers while other days I don’t because I get frustrated having to explain to my son that life isn’t fair to people of color due to history. Some history isn’t told accurately while others is. I also explain to him that just because society is filled with greed, hate, and people’s need to control. We don’t stoop down to ignorance because we are better than what we are hated for.

Despite, what I say the world displays reasons why he should still question things and be mindful when he leaves the house, because life just isn’t fair to blacks no matter how free we are.

Happy Reading Justin.

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Dear Black Son


In the Night of the Moon.
She Embraced her Inner and Outer Beauty.
She Fell in Love with Herself.
For it was not easy to Love Every Aspect of her Skin.
But She Learned and Slowly Allowed Her Feelings To Be.
She Knew that She must First Adore Herself Within.
Now that She's in Love.
She Can't Seem to Let Go Of
All She's Was Destined to Become
All Because She Fell In Love With Herself.

Keena's Moments

In the Night

His Thoughts!

Do Ants Have Souls?

I was sitting in the livingroom Tuesday and Justin came to me and asked, “Do ants have souls?” I wasn’t sure how to answer his question because it was a question I had to take time to think about. Even though it was something I’ve should have given thought to before responding, I immediately said “yes, I guess so.” I did not take my time to think about the question because Justin was starting to repeat the question again and explaining his process of thought. He said “Mom, I was in my room and there were ants by my window and I started to kill them. And as I was killing them I started to think that they could be my family, so I stopped. It also felt like I was killing someone in my family.” I was so perplexed. I really didn’t know how to respond. After thinking for hours I continued the discussion with Justin and told him, “Yes, ants do have souls. Just like people they die and new ones are born.” He responded back by saying “oh that makes sense. Well, I’m not gonna kill them anymore because they’re just like us.” All I could do was smile. He is himself in his own unique way.