Speak up for those with no voice.
Speak up for those with a voice
Speak up for this who are defenseless.
Speak up for those who need you to speak up for them.
Speak up for change.
Speak up for Self.
Speak up for Family.
Speak up for Friends.
Speak up for Strangers.
Speak up for what you Believe in
Speak up for what is not Right or Fair.
Speak up because it's the Right thing to do.
Speak up because you Care.

There are times when we see or hear of things happening and we just walk by. We even continue with life as if it never existed. When we know what is going.Don't just let things happen to you, family, or strangers. Speak up. Someone may need you to be there for them.




A Mother’s Love

In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to write a post thanking the many moms in my life who supported me during my hardest times.  Justin’s diagnosis was not something I took easily. It was some of the hardest news I had to take. Although, sometimes  I thought I was alone on my journey, somehow I always knew that I had a support team like no other. Thank You Fellow Moms!!

First,  I would like to thank my mother. She stood by side no matter what I went through. She listened even when I didn’t speak, but knew exactly what I needed. She’s the confidant that both Justin and I need. I love the relationship she has with Justin. Since his birth she’s always protected him. However, since his diagnosis, she has been his bodyguard. She made sure no harm whatsoever was inflicted on him. Because of her love, she is his best friend. She’s his go to person. He loves her just as much as I do. She is, as I call her, “The love of his life”.

Next, I would like to thank my sisters. They were both moms before me. I’m the youngest sister. I learned a lot about motherhood from watching them with their children. I also learned by playing the auntie role. When Justin was diagnosed they both were there in their own way. They provided me with support that I will never forget. They were my strength during the times I did not want to be strong. They encouraged me when I needed encouraging. They stepped in while I was in school studying for my Bachelors and Masters. I’m so grateful for them.

Now, I would like to thank my aunts, female cousins, and girlfriends for being distantly there. They knew how to be there by giving me my space. Because I am not that open with my  feelings, they knew time is what I needed most. I needed time to myself to process what I was going through. Talking about it only would make me feel worse.  So, I preferred not to speak until now. Again, I thank my aunts, cousins, and friends for being there to listen for when I was ready to talk.

Finally, I send a special thank you to the moms I’ve had a chance to meet and converse with thus far. It was these random talks that helped me reflect on my life. I realized how blessed I was and still am. I realize things might have gone completely differently had a chose a other ways of handling things. I am truly grateful for each moment and each person. Thank you!

Happy Mothers Day!!

Justin and My Mom   



Light It Up Blue

On March 31st I went out to the Dollar Store and bought some paint. I bought finger paint because I decided to decorate my window in honor of Autism Awareness Day and Month. I was impressed with myself. I wrote backwards and I did pretty good I’d say. In addition to buying paint I also bought blue vases and decide I would put candles inside of them to light daily. However, fire safety got the best of my thoughts and I decided against using it.

I guess battery operated candles it is. I decided to use the candles I normally put in the window during Christmas time. I was sure I would have to replace the batteries after a week of use.Well, to my surprise, I didn’t have to replace the batteries at all. For the entire month of April the battery operated candles remained lit.

I realize I forgot to turn the candles off about halfway into the month. When I went to see if the battery had died the candle was still shining it’s light. As I write this both candles are still lit and shining Blue for Autism.

I don’t know why the candles survived so long but it served as a reminder that no matter how weak you may think you are, you can conquer any doubts that are present. 

One of the Candles that remained lit for Autism Awareness Month.