In life everything is a give and take or some form of trade off. If there is no equal give and take, or trade off then then an unbalance occurs. When an unbalance occurs, balance seeks order. It’s seeks order not to control but so that all things are fair.

I’m feeling a little off balanced. I have been feeling this way for a few months now. I realized why this week and I’m finally starting to do something about it. I haven’t focused on myself the way I should be. I’ve been focused on being there for people emotionally and physically that I have stopped being there for myself. I cannot fault or blame them for my feelings of unbalance simply because I allow it. I allow my need for always wanting to be there for others overshadow what I need to do for myself.

My goal now is to get balanced and focus on me.

Happy Saturday!

Are you balanced?!

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I’m not sure if many of you know that I am a mental health therapist for children and young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. When I first started my job I was very nervous and thought the worse things a therapist can think of when providing therapy. I had to call one of my go to persons to help me feel better and confident. He assured me that I will do well and I will make an impact. My first few days of counseling was the scariest. It’s was only scary because I was allowing thoughts to effect me.

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I love what I do. I find that providing therapy to others is very productive. Not only do I help them with their issues. I learn more and more about myself. Often times after session. I reflect on the session, assessing what works and what doesn’t. I also look at new ways to get a break throw. I love it when my clients have a break through. It’s as if the the light bulb just went off and they finally get what they felt was so hard to understand and or accomplish.

An Aha Moment is Always Rewarding.

I knew I wanted to be a therapist since I was a little girl. I remember watching a television show and the lady on the show was a Therapist. I said I’m going to do that when I get older. I always knew I wanted to help people by listening. I didn’t start out as a Therapist because Teaching was something I needed to accomplish before becoming a Counselor. Teaching was what helped me become a better mom for my child with Autism. I was fully equipped with laws and my rights as a parent with a child with a disability. I’ll tell you there is nothing like knowing your rights as a parent when dealing with your child’s development.

I made sure he had everything he was entitled. I also made sure he received any service he needed to help he improve.

I still teach!!

I teach the little ones. I’m a Preschool Teacher. I love Teaching the little ones especially the Special Ones. I love making sure services are in place for them and educating parents on their rights.

I’m known as the Social- Emotional Teacher Advocate Specialist at School. That’s not my job title but I swear it because of all of the work I do.

Just wanted to share a little bit more about myself. I teach during the day and I’m at Therapist by Night! 😊

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I’m a Mental Health Therapist.


I’ve decided to write Justin short letter picture quotes from me. I would like for it to be some thing that he can read throughout life to know my thinking process as his mom and to use it for encouragement when life gets the bear of him. Life wasn’t always easy for us and to this day we still have our moments. The world around us seem to be cruel and unfair to those of color. Some may not agree or thing so but it’s the truth.

As Justin watch the news he have questions that are only right for him to ask. Why are things so unfair for those who are black? Why are so many black people being murdered by cops? Why are black people judged so much when people of other races can do the same thing we do? The list of why’s continues. Some days I have straight forward answers while other days I don’t because I get frustrated having to explain to my son that life isn’t fair to people of color due to history. Some history isn’t told accurately while others is. I also explain to him that just because society is filled with greed, hate, and people’s need to control. We don’t stoop down to ignorance because we are better than what we are hated for.

Despite, what I say the world displays reasons why he should still question things and be mindful when he leaves the house, because life just isn’t fair to blacks no matter how free we are.

Happy Reading Justin.

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Dear Black Son

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Bring your Child to Work Day

So, last month in April it was bring your child to work day. Did I bring Justin with me? Why, of course I did. He was so excited to miss school for the day and to see what its like being a teacher. Within two hours he understood why, when I come home, I like for it to be silent for at least twenty minutes. He said to me “ Wow, mom you do a lot of talking and the kids really don’t listen to you that much”. I laughed and said to him “ you’re right, I do, and they don’t”. What can I expect from  four and five year olds. I appreciate that he understands why I may come home frustrated sometimes. I think its a great thing when your child can understand you, not only as a parent, but as the other roles you play in life.

While working with me, Justin was asked to explain and talk about autism to a group of students. He was nervous and very hesitant about talking. He started out as “ So, what do you want to know”. I smiled, stood up and decided to help him explain what autism is. After I spoke to the children explaining autism, Justin spoke about what it is like having it. I remember him saying “ I’m just like you guys, you know, but I’m just a little different. I like things a certain way and I learned how to like new things”. After we finished his talk, some of the students and teachers asked questions. Justin answered them to the best of his ability. Speaking about our life felt so rewarding. We both enjoyed sharing our experience with autism.

So, as we’re walking to my classroom, Justin says to me, “You know Mom, a lot of my classmates do not believe I have autism, so can we talk to them like we talked to the people today?” Uh oh, what did I start? Because he was such a trooper today, I told him yes we can. So we are scheduled to talk to his classmates next week. Wish us luck!