I️ would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving, we will be relaxing due to Justin being sick with a fever. We were planning to go to my grandmothers house to spend time with family but change of plans.

I️ actually don’t mind the change of plans. I️ woke up not in the best of minds due to many things on my mind and things I️ have to take care of. I️ normally take this time to rest because I️ work a lot and I miss my family so this Thanksgiving was definitely going to be about spending time with them.

But as my uncle always says, when you become a parent your new family is your children. So I’m where I️ need to be. Right, here laying next to him on this Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🍁

Positive Readings!!!


Happy Thanksgiving

Justin's Jokes

Justin’s Joke 

Here’s Justin’s joke for this week. He thought it was quite hilarious. So, we’re at Shoprite food shopping and getting things for Thanksgiving. I asked Justin to get me 18 eggs… Look at what he got me.

When I gave him a look. He said ” What you said get you 18 eggs but the container I saw of 18 eggs was not good, so I got you 12 plus 6 it makes 18.”
Smh 🙄.