He laughs I laugh

When Justin laughs, I laugh. Have you ever met or known a person who has a laugh that is so funny all you can go is laugh at it? Justin has that type of laugh. The laugh comes when he finds something to be very comical. Tom and Jerry, America’s Funniest Videos, and Madtv are some of the shows that have him cracking up. I had a rough day at work last week. As I was sitting in the living room, getting ready to meditate to clear my head from the day, Justin burst out of nowhere with a laugh. As soon as I heard him laugh, I smiled and laughed with him. His laugh makes my day.

In addition to laughing at shows. He laughs to himself. When I hear and see him laughing I always ask, “why are you laughing?” He says, I have a movie in my brain and I’m just watching what’s funny. Sometimes I wish I could be in his brain with him so that I can see what he is laughing at. I enjoy how he knows what makes him smile and laugh. All it takes is just a memory to play and there he goes laughing away.