It’s not easy to trust someone when the trust has been broken. How do one ignore what was done, when they was lied to right in front of their face?

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I can easily forgive but I can’t forget. It’s hard trusting someone after the trust is broken. Especially trust in a working relationship.

Have you ever had this issue and how did you handle it?

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So,I was filling out a questionnaire for a website that provides you with activities that you can do with your child or students with disabilities. I was asked the question “What is my biggest challenge as a parent?” It didn’t take me long to answer it. My biggest challenge is my fear. Here’s my response 

My biggest challenge as a parent of a child with a disability is trusting the world around him. I fear that people will take advantage of the good qualities I’ve instilled in him. 

Because I don’t trust the world around him I place a lot of restrictions on him. I know it’s not fair but it’s my way of keeping him safe as long as I can.  

What’s your biggest challenge as a parent? 

Keena's Moments

What is my biggest challenge as a parent?