I never thought the day would come. That day to where I would see my son on the PHONE  with friends. I held back my TEARS of joy as I watched him on the phone. When he was little he always paralleled play with others. Parallel play is when kids are playing side by side but are not actually playing together. It’s not easy to spot.. BUT when you’re aware of it. You’ll notice it immediately. He would smile and laugh and you would think he was playing with them but he wasn’t. At that point in time I would think to myself Will he Ever Make Friends? 

As you can see from my post. Justin’s made friends. He talks to three-four friends at a time on the app. I’m not sure the name of it but he wants me to get it so him and I can talk on it. I’m not sure if I get it but I just may….

His progress is more than just a successful milestone… It’s his own personal VICTORY


Online FriendsĀ