Last weekend Justin and I had the greatest pleasure of spending time with his birthday twin/cousin and my niece. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken care of a baby, well watched one. I was so excited just to get her for the day until it was time to get things done and she would not let me put her down.

Yup Baby Kennedi is spoiled. She always was gassy and had the hiccups. I was able to put her down to sleep for a few hours, once she woke up again that was it.

So I took pictures to share my enjoyment.

It’s was nice seeing Justin with her. It was funny because he was holding her when she started crying and He yelled ” mom please come and get her Now!!!” 😂😂😂


She was thinking.

She’s telling me off. lol

I get that she looks like me. I guess so in her own little way. She has heart as if she was my own. I love seeing my brother with her! So proud of the Dad he’s going to be.


Spending Time With Kennedi


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