Light It Up Blue

On March 31st I went out to the Dollar Store and bought some paint. I bought finger paint because I decided to decorate my window in honor of Autism Awareness Day and Month. I was impressed with myself. I wrote backwards and I did pretty good I’d say. In addition to buying paint I also bought blue vases and decide I would put candles inside of them to light daily. However, fire safety got the best of my thoughts and I decided against using it.

I guess battery operated candles it is. I decided to use the candles I normally put in the window during Christmas time. I was sure I would have to replace the batteries after a week of use.Well, to my surprise, I didn’t have to replace the batteries at all. For the entire month of April the battery operated candles remained lit.

I realize I forgot to turn the candles off about halfway into the month. When I went to see if the battery had died the candle was still shining it’s light. As I write this both candles are still lit and shining Blue for Autism.

I don’t know why the candles survived so long but it served as a reminder that no matter how weak you may think you are, you can conquer any doubts that are present. 

One of the Candles that remained lit for Autism Awareness Month. 



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